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You are the artist of your life. Don't give the paintbrush to anymone else

May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks

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Now in 2019 it's time to change my bio. When I came here in 2005 I couldn't image what was going to happen. After all these years I can't imagine NOT being here, meeting and talking to my friends. Wonderful people I didn't see face to face (so far) but who are very close to my heart. All of them.
It seems lots of them have gone (to facebook, instagram or whatever) but those who are still here make me glad. Day by day.
My interest have changed as I have changed - that's not a bad thing.
I came here via LOTR - my love for the books will never die, my love for the movies neither.
But I discovered so many new things, books, movies, fandoms - I'm feeling really lucky sharing lots (o.k. - most) of them here. I'm curious what life brings - daily. And I'll never leave, This is the place I feel comfortable, safe and beloved.
I love my life with all its rough edges - I think I can say I'm a very positiv person and I love especially little things that make me smile and laugh. And there are many - we just have to risk a peek.
Here's to the next years and here's to my friends.

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