julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Zum Geburtstag!!!

Happy Birthday dear frodosweetstuff

Thank you so much for all you have done for us, keeping the fandoms alive.
I hope you'll have a joyfull day with family and friends, filled with love and laughter, sunshine and ... hobbits.

Here's a little something for you. Thanks to my dear friend  bellewoodfor the beta! 

Title: the Forbidden Kiss
Paring: S/E
Rating: G 

The forbidden kiss


In my dreams

your silhouette approaches in the midnight hour.

Frightened yet excited...

drawing closer...

Closer you take me ...

into your body

into your soul

Longing for the kiss...

the forbidden kiss...

Gazing at your lips with astonishment

as if hypnotized

drawing nearer... closer...

longing for them to meet mine

Seeking to drink them in

This kiss....

Tasting the taste of beer and wine

so bittersweet

on your lips

I can smell the scent of your skin

teasing me...

to touch you...

I can hear the need in your voice

drawing me in...

Those lips ... always haunting me


This kiss...

the forbidden kiss...

this means longing for me ...

only in my dreams ... knowing... hoping

Forever will be forbidden. 

Lots of love and big tight hugs, 


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