julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Plans for tomorrow

1. go to the supermarket, bakery, butcher, garden center
2. have breakfast
3. clean the stalls of the bunnies, clean the litter boxes
4. Mt. Everest of laundry is waiting (who cares...)
5. clean the garden cottage
6. go to the vet (tomorrow it's Josh's check-up)
7. mop the stairs
8. mop the floor
9. clean the bathrom
10. bake 3 cakes (milk-rice cake, cheese cake, blueberry cake)
11. write some letters
12. prepare potato-salad, noodle salad, cheese salad
13. go for a shower - at this time it should be 11 p.m.
14. catch up with f-list (YAY!!!)

Wow, it seems I'll be busy tomorrow. I can't hardly wait to get up at 6 a.m. !!! The new day is waiting for me.

and now, off to bed with you Julchen ... and I'm not at all tired *sigh*

Enjoy your weekend, sweethearts -
see you tomorrow night!

Love and hugs,


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