julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Happy belated birthday to jdsmylover !!!


A World Of Wonderful People




We live in a world of wonderful people
Throughout the universe.
We live in a world of wonderful people
Where friends are friends with us.
With "hellos" here and "hellos" there
And "How are you today?"
"I hear the stock market's down,
But there's plenty to go around
And there's health and happiness we see,
In the likes of you and me."
We live in a world of wonderful people,
Who love and work and care,
For beauty, strength and honor,
We find it everywhere.
We find just what we look for,
We find it every day,
In this world of wonderful people
God gives to us along life's way.

Aileen Karg

I'm sorry for being late, my dear. 
May the coming year be full of love, sunshine, joy, laughter and hobbits! 
Good luck with your job!

Love and big tight birthday hugs, 


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