julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

What a Sunday !

Did I say I declare this Sunday as LotR-Sunday?
I did. 
I wanted to read - I couldn't concentrate.
I wrote a little - until I couldn't concentrate any longer.
I took a bath, a walk in the rain, a bath again ...

I started reading again ... line by line, I was very slow today because
so many man are in my head ...
Frodo ... Elijah ... Frodo ... Casey ... Frodo ... Sam... Sean... Frodo... Zeke.... Mr. Smith...

I can tell you, it's hard to read when fandoms collide in your head and you are waiting for Mr. Smith in Hobbiton ... you wonder why the heck is Zeke avoiding Frodo, why doesn't he even mention him... *giggles*
I should take a break it seems, LOL. No way, dearies ... 

Maybe I get my head cleared tomorrow (I still have my doubts)

Thank you for the best entertainment EVER, friends!

Love you all soooo much...
Tags: when fandoms collide;

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