julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

It's a birthday

The Sparrow’s Dawn


In the early morning as I looked on
I watched the sparrow’s dawn
As from branch to branch and from twig to twig
They chirped as they hopped along

Something about this way of living
Something about what it was they were giving
And as I looked I pondered on
This morning of the sparrow’s dawn

Something so different I could see
Unconditional love in the air they breath
As they chirped along and they sang their songs
I felt part of their morning dawn

Have you ever seen something so simple
Kittens playing, puppies irresistible
Have you ever felt like you were such a part
What it is, this natures art

Early in the morning just look in the trees
Flying around, wild and free…
Love carry’s on as you look on
On the morning of the sparrow’s dawn.

Happy birthday my dear friend


I hope your day is very special, full of love and joy.
May happiness and hobbits surround you at any time. 
Have a grand day, sweetheart!

Love and hugs, 

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