julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

It's a birthday


Nice things...

Shopping, dancing, eating sweets
Make up, laughter, juicy treats

Sun, sand, swimming in the sea
Coffee, hot chocolate, or even tea? !

Ice cream, chocolate, with lots of cream
Going to sleep and having a dream
Jumping on a trampoline!

Flirting, laughing, having fun
The smile on your face when all homework is done

That little tip tap knock on your door
Is it that boy you've been waiting for? !

Holidays, lipgloss, cute fluffly things
Teeny tiny fairies with teeny tiny wings

High heels, flip flops, sunglasses too!
Cute little pandas and kangaroos!

Bikinis, anklets, braclets and rings
Going to the park and playing on the swings

Snogging, parties, hugs and kisses
Birthday cake with birthday wishes

Here are a few nice things to think of once in a while
I want you to be happy, I want you to smile! !

Becky Ginn 

Happy birthday my dear 


I hope your birthday is very special with lots of love and fun and Elijah-goodness around you! 

Love and big tight birthday hugs, 

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