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Here I am again... No sleep and worst of all ... computer down until now. What did I do?
I looked at all the beautiful pictures of yours, mostly pictures of Elijah and Frodo. If I will continue doing this I will need glasses ... Staring into his eyes (wonderful blue) on this pictures (only printings ... OMG ... I'm lost in his eyes as always) ... *sigh* and imagining to look into these eyes face-to-face. I'm sure I would die. Fact! No I feel not yet tired but jumpy, crazy and cheerful. This will become 'I-am-in-a-Frodo-Elijah-mood-day'!!! And I love this state.
I hope you all will have a nice day, for me this day started (started, the day before never ended ...) very well. *Hugs you all*

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