julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

It's a Birthday

 Happy Birthday my dearest melyanna_65

I hope your day is as special as you are.
May the coming year be full of love, happiness and hobbits 

Dance on your Dreams

Ride a bright star
kiss its sweet light
find out how far
it will take you one night

Listen to its music
sing in its key
embrace yourself
embrace me

Embrace the force
that created you
embrace hope
and each day anew

Ride on your rainbows
create your own themes
sing your songs of love
fly on moonbeams

Find someone to occupy
your tender time and space
someone who needs a butterfly
to eternally chase

Someone who needs
for you to feel blessed
every morning
with a loving caress

Someone who needs
to share every inch of his skin
with every inch of yours
from without and within

Dance on your dreams
dance on the wind
dance on my lips
dance on my skin

Never stop dreaming
dream of your worth
raise your arms to the heavens
and celebrate your birth

I celebrate your birth
and the melodies of your mind
they are loving, they are caring
they are decent, they are kind

And some day, dearest dreamer
it will surely be your fate
to share love’s eternal flame...
with your eternal soulmate 

Thank you for being a wonderful friend!

Love and big tight hugs, 
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