julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Thank you!!!

What a christmas! It was the best Christmas EVER! 
My deepest thanks go to

lbiloverfor the snippet of The Woodjin and the photo of the white stag (you know how much I love it)
hildigard_brown for the DVD with your wonderful videos (I'm still dreaming)
frodosweetstufffor the beautiful angels - they fit perfect into my rooms (I LOVE angels)
yeuxdebleu for the seedlings - I can still see them growing in my Shire garden
annwyn55 for the gorgeous Frodo-Sam card and the lovely little book
aredhelebenesse for the self-made card and the little guardian angel 
belleferret for your beautiful cards and Mr. Smith
melyanna_65for all the beautiful gifts and the virtual snow globe
rakshi for the shining e-card
slipperieslope for the lovely e-card and the virtual snow globe
mechtild for the beautiful frodo card (hey, I noticed the shire-ish dots ...)
random_fandom for your beautiful Frodo and Sam christmas cards
frolijahfan for the beautiful card and the fantastic poster

ink_gypsy, bellewood, cali_se, honeyandvinegar, cali, ladysnaps, mews1945, summershobbit, periantari, addie71, slightlytookish, keye, bagma, whiteling, cologne_chick, hobbitlove83, not_alone, wispy_lass, slender_sail

for the wonderful christmas cards and word full of love!
And to all my friends who left christmas greetings to my comments.

If you could see my christmas tree, it looks like a part of a post-office :-))
And now - attention! I want to hug you all ... 


You're simply the best! Since I know you all shyness is blown to the wind! 
Love you, sweethearts!

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