julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

It's a birthday


Bench Under The Moonlight




There I was lying down on the bench
Staring up at the sky and the full moon
It was on a hill, so there were no city lights
There was no street light or noise
All I could listen to was the silence
All I could feel was the vastness around
All I could see was the mountains touching the sky
All I could sense was the moonlight radiating me
But now and then, there were few insects
And few night birds breaking the silence
But they added beauty to that silence

I was selectively attending to things I liked
I was trying to benefit from that darkness
By finding peace and healing myself momentarily
I was trying to not to think about anything
But then my mind is so succumbed to thoughts
A poem by Sylvia Plath flashed across my mind
That poem entitled “ Ï am vertical ”
But she says she would rather be horizontal
And have an open conversation with the sky
That’s exactly what I felt when I was lying down
I wish I was stuck in that position forever
And someone found me frozen there the next day
How wonderful would it be, if only that happened?

Happy Birthday, my dear friend mochalover

May this day be very special, full of love and joy!
Stay as you are - stay simply you!

Lots of love and big tight birthday  hugs,

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