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The letter meme

I love those lists, it's very interesting to read the list of my f-list :-)
I got letter "H" from my dear friend slightlytookish

So here we go:

H obbits!!! - They'll always be close to my heart, I love hobbits very very very much! 
H obbiton!!! - What a wonderful place, isn't it? 
H eir - I love the heir of Bag End! YAY for FRODO! 
H ero - Frodo! Sam! Aragorn! Pippin! Merry! and so much more ... 
H istory - that's why I love Tolkien's books so much, it doesn't feel like fantasay, it feels like history to me
H earbeats - I can feel the heartbeats of my f-list in every single post. That's so wonderful
H ands - I love hands. Whenever I meet someone new I'm looking at the hands. Hands can say so much.
                Elijah has lovely hands ... 
H appiness - it depends on ourselves what we are doing with our life, there are so many things which make me happy - all theh time. Like hobbits :-))
H ugs - who won't deny a real friendship hug! 
H eaven - being here feels like heaven, friends like you, too! 

I won't leave you without a poem

The Embrace Of Love

Love is such a beautiful feeling
Don't let it die, it would be a shame
Just let it grow, it's so amazing
This feeling some try to deny
Some hide it with hate
Some try to drown it in a way
Because it's so big...
That you can't control it
Even hate kneels before love
It's been seen manytimes
I don't want to hate anymore
I want to feel the embrace of love
It's all i want from this life...
That i find the true love
No need for the millions...
Because the heart is priceless
I'd be a millionare, if i'd have you by myside.

Sam Hill

Have a wonderful day, flist.
Thank you  slightlytookish- it was a pleasure to do this! 

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