julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

What a wonderful community we are !!! 
With the best of friends - thank you dear f-list for everything 

Poems for Angels 

The path was darker than we expected,
but the edge of the world was still a long way off. 
The wrong direction turned out to be the right direction.
The canyons we crossed were not borders
but wounds in the soul of the universe. 
We paused to watch the stars bloom. 
We pushed them around, arranged them 
in faces and words, glued them in patterns 
that we could communicate with. 
The night took a shape in our hands
like an ornate map of the future. 
When we returned to our tent,
by the dying fire and the dead lake,
we hardly knew where we had been. 
But we knew "what" we had been
and will be for a long time: 
the kiss that we didn't kiss. 

Piero Scaruffi

Because my English is still a little bit poor (of course it has become much better with all you wonderful teachers around) I want to say THANK YOU to my wonderful f-list. 
I'm feeling much better, I'm not so sad anymore and now I'm looking forward to Froday, weekend and my night walks through my friends archives. 

Love and lots of kisses,


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