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Cats ...

Sometimes it seems life isn't fair ... 
Not to me... but to my cats ... 

I told you about my little cat Ellie, this wonderful little lady didn't make it. She died in my arms last Monday night at 4.30 a.m. The vet told me it was a kind of cancer and because she was so small and young she had no chance. 
This hit me hard, I couldn't talk about it for days. 

Saturday night my oldest cat, Tom, didn't eat anymore. He slept the day away. 
I've lost 12 cats the last 2 years and I felt at once "he wants to go". 
Yesterday afternoon - he was sleeping on my bed - he cried for me, I know this sound too well *sigh* - I took him in my arms the last time and he died, too. 

I know - that's life, it belongs to life. But sometimes it's hard to bear. 
Friends in real life don't understand it - don't be sad, it's ONLY a cat. That's true, but they have been MY cats - they are like family members for me. OK, no discussion with friends or family in real life. 
My others cats - there are only 6 left - are very careful and simply wonderful. They don't leave me alone for a single minute ... 

I didn't know if I should post this ...
 I'm glad to know you all, you are listening and that's an encouraging thought. 

Thank you, my friends. 

Love, Julchen

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