julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Birthday ...

Today it's the birthday of you, dear wonderful lady, you have this feeling for "words" 
Thank you, dear  ink_gypsy for all the love, joy and sunshine you are giving. 

Fairy Tale Writer

Taking all unaware
Her golden pen ran circles and lines
Dotting passion and crossing romantic
Could just once the ink fall into reality, would it dare

Fields of wild flowers to run threw
Barefoot and sipping wine
Soft gentle caresses stirring emotions tide
Mighty knights and the love he slew

Weeping willows and babbling brooks
Crimson red, red rose
He loves me he loves me not
All within the pages of her dream books

Love is but a passing she would say
But ink can last forever
And bring a schilling or two!
Alas gentle whispers from a heart covered and hid….Some day

Towering the wall and climbing the tower
Slaying the beast that held the princess captive…
grasping her into his arms as their bodies coursed with desire
He carries her to the bed chamber and consumes her with his power

Patricia Gale

May this coming year bring you love, happiness and joy! 
I wish you all the very best.

Love and kisses,

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