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Dreams and Friends

Who would I be without my dreams ? Without my friends ?
A poor little thing .
Why do I ask this
Looking at the people around me – in Real Life – I often ask myself “am I weird?”
Talking about my colleagues at work. Nice people. Without dreams and huge “problems”.
Examples? Here –
Do my shoes fit very well with my necklace ? Huge problems indeed.
When shall I go to the hairdresser ? Tomorrow or eventually today? Yes – you should think about this.
My car is so dirty… heaven, then go for a wash.
I have no money! (Major problem) – Ok – who can’t use a bit more of it? Money isn’t the most important THING in MY life.
My dear colleagues took my sketchbook – of course without permission (I left it on my desk) – including all the poems I collected over many many years. This wouldn’t have been the problem – but … they commented them. Most of them. Left marks in my book.
“Crap, silly, shit” – and so on and THIS made me a bit angry and … sad. They call ME crazy.One of them called me a hopeless dreamer. I’ll take this as a compliment. And this made me smile.
We had a little discussion about this and that – no, no – I don’t talk to them that much, especially about my private life.
One of the ladies asked me “what the hell are you doing when you’re at home”
“Meeting friends”
“at home?
Didn’t she ask me what I’m doing when I’m at home ?
Be polite Julchen, answer “of course. I talk to my friends at home”
“They are visiting you?”
The has to think about this for a few minutes.
“How can this be? You are meeting our friends daily?”
“Yes. My online-friends..”
You should have seen the gazes … Whether I have 3 heads nor is my skin green…
“You are weird. How can one be your friend you don’t know and I am sure they don’t know you.”
“My friends know me very well – more than anyone else here…”
Now they became curious and asked me – senseriously – to tell them about MY dreams and desires. First I have to say – their world is ending at the innerside of their frontdoors.
How crazy would I be to tell THESE people my dreams and my secret desires ?
The conversation ended as one of the ladies asked me – out of the blue – “you are vegetarian, aren’t you?
“So, you don’t eat meat?”
“I don’t”
“And what about vegetables?” – how to answer this to stay polite
“I love vegetables”
“But you can eat sausages …”
“Show me the tree where I can pick them off …”
And now the answer, it’s the truth “but you can go to the butcher” – I think I needn’t say anymore.
And they call me weird. Crazy. Silly.

One of my sisters – she’s married the second time, has 4 wonderful children, a wonderful house – shocked me a few minutes before. She said – she repeated it 3 times – when you have a perfect life, you don’t need friends.
I didn’t know how to react on this. And I still don’t know what to say.

I for myself wouldn’t be complete without my friends.
My friends are very important to me, always were and always will be. I’m glad to have friends like you around me.
You always brighten my days and my nights. I’m often sitting here – infront of my computer – crying, laughing, thinking, smiling, staring … - I know you know all of it – every single post – whether it’s a picture, a poem, a ficlet, a little note - is the air I need to breath .
Without you I would be very lonely and my life would be very poor.
I love the way I’m living, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

They can call me weird. I know I’m not (not always) .
They call me crazy? Ok – I love to be that kind of crazy.

Thank you again for being here for me and I hope you'll all have a wonderful day!

Julchen (feels much better now)

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