julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

It's a birthday

Happy birthday my dearest aredhelebenesse
Thank you for all the joy and love you are giving, without you this world would miss a shining star! 

Did anyone ever tell you


Did anyone ever tell you

Just how special you are ?

The light that you emit

Might even light a star.


Did anyone ever tell you

How important you make others feel ?

Somebody out here is smiling

About love that is so real.


Did anyone ever tell you

Many times, when they were sad

Your email made them smile a bit.

Infact, it made them glad?

For the time you spend sending things

And sharing whatever you find

There are no words to thank you

But somebody thinks you’re fine.


Did anyone ever tell you

How much they love you?

Well, my dearest online friend

Today I’m telling you. 

I wish you all the very best for the coming year - may all your wishes come true. 

Lots of love and big tight hugs, 


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