julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

It's a birthday

Happy Birthday my dear keye

I know you love stars ... I found this for you:

a night under the stars

he kisses the palm of my hand,
i play with his hair, his hands, the collar of his shirt,
a tear rolls down his cheek,
he brushes it away,
kisses his nose,
lays his hand on his back,
makes him feel safe,
he holds his hand,
gazes into his eyes,
rests his head on his shoulder and makes him feel wanted,
he tells him hed do anything for him,
she would do anything for him
a night under the stars
away from them
everythings right 

Wish you all the very best, love, joy and happiness and wonderful nights full of stars and dreams

Love and big tight birthday hugs, 

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