julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Words ...

Some of you I told already that I love words. 
Many years ago, it was one of those boring Sundays, school work done, room cleaned, nothing to read (at this time I didn't know LOTR exists ...) and I didn't know what to do.

My dad gave me an idea. "Pick up some words for the next Sundays" - he told me. 

And since then I'm doing this, I think for about 30 years.
At the beginning of a new year - January 1st to be exactly - I'm choosing words for the coming Sundays.
I'm always outside in our garden, whether it's raining, snowing, cold - it doesn't matter, picking up words. 
I call them "Sunday words". 
And every Sunday I take "my" word and "work" begins. It's stunning what you think, read, listen,find with this word. First I write it down, I add stories I love to this word, articles of newspapers, quotes, own thoughts (yes, I CAN think for myself, LOL), pictures. Can you imagine how many sketch books are filled? 

The word for last Sunday was FEATHERS ..
and I found this: 

A small white feather
soars and falls like a coaster ride,
it climbs, then falls, to climb and fall once more. 

No hurry, slow
then quick then slow again, 
it wanders listlessly, 
here then there.
In gentle breeze it dances freely
and with ease it does a turn.

Fading light helps the illusion,
the impression that as it dances, 
slow, slow
quick, quick
slow ...
it does a Waltz.

Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friends 
with feather like day- and nightdreams.

Love and hugs,

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