julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

The Need for Touch

To touch and be touched is perhaps the most human thing we do.
It can provoke many emotions.
Those who have been hurt, fear it; and want to run away.
Run away from the terror, the abuse, the roughness.
In running away, we feel safe.
Safe from being hurt again... Safe from feeling... But oh so alone...
We have lost trust... the trust we had as a child.

Each time we are hurt, it becomes harder to trust in another.
Trusting that, in reaching out, we won't be hurt again.
But without trust, there can be no peace..
If there is no peace, there will always be a longing. Something missing...
In peace, we can be alone if we wish or

We can reach out and soak in the goodness of touching
and being touched by another. Both are good.

When we can trust in another:
Their touch calms us... soothes us... quiets our fears.
While being nursed, a baby caresses its mother while she nurtures him.
A father's cuddle is returned with contentment and joy.
That bond of trust, born from gentle touch, allows each to be at peace.
It allows each to gather strength from the other.

Some find that animals fill their need to touch. A dog's trust is unconditional.
It will follow you where ever you go and protect you with it's life.
All it wants in return is your touch, your affection.. Your caress.

A caress is a special kind of touch.. It is born of love and mutual trust.
A trust that allows us to stand on our own, even when the other isn't there.
Trusting that, if we call, the other will respond. Without fear...
Without questioning... Simply because we called.. A friend.

In quietly caressing and being caressed we gain strength.
nothing calms faster...
the child in all of us.
the need in all of us..
The human in all of us.
It is good to trust.
(Walter Killeen)

Lots of love and many hugs to my wonderful friends here and HAPPY FRODAY !!!

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