julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Good morning friends!

Many posts about HP ... for all who like him, enjoy!

I was looking for poems the past days - yesterday LJ didn't work ... 

and I found this ...  (I don't have to mention who's running through my head, I guess *giggles*)

Hope you enjoy! Have a nice day f-list

Once In A Lifetime 

Once in a lifetime, 
you find someone special, 
your lives intermingle, 
and somehow you know . . . 

This is the beginning 
of all you have longed for, 
a love you can build on, 
a love that will grow . . . 

Once in a lifetime, 
to those who are lucky, 
a miracle happens 
and dreams all come true-- 

I know it can happen, 
it happened to me, for I've found 
my "once in a lifetime" 
with you. 

Love, Julchen


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