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My computer isn't  fixed but I can be on-line or about 20 minutes , wow... 
Time to sort out all the prints I collected over several years ... stories ... quotes ... poems. 

I found this lovely quote a few minutes before written on a little slip of paper ... 

"People always worry about making a difference in the world on a large scale. I've always believed that you can make a subtle difference in the world every single day by just being good. Being nice to people, smiling at them. That will affect one person and hopefully affect the next person and so on."
~~~ Elijah Wood (2005) 

I like this quote, it's absolutely Elijah and the best one can do.
Be good and smile :-) My friends here are the best examples, thank you, my dear flist!

I hope you all will have a wonderful Sunday with smiles and joy around you.

Love and hugs, 


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