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music meme

I had a nice night walk and I found this at melanieathene 

What do you think of me, iTunes?
"Older" - George Michael (Thank you! I'm not THAT old :-))

Will I have a happy life?
"Home by the sea" - Genesis (would be nice)

What do my friends really think of me?
"Shiver" - Coldplay (giggles madly)

Do people secretly lust after me?
"The story goes" - Craig David (I can live with this)

What does my significant other think of me?
"May it be" - Enya (I'll have a word with him)

How can I make myself happy?
"Key to my heart" - Craig David (this can only be FRODO/ELIJAH :))

What should I do with my life?
Drift Away - Michael Bolton (you can also say dream on :-)

Why must life be so full of pain?
"I got a feelin'" - Billy Currington (a feeling for what? Love can be painful, too! )

How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
"Run" - Snow Patrol (run????? no way)

Will I ever have children?
"Photograph" - Nickleback (so it should be ... :))

Will I die happy?
"All things must change" - Runrig (there's lots of time until I'll die hopefully)

Can you give me some advice?
"Everything" - Michael Bublé (call me sly fox, LOL)

What do you think happiness is?
"The world of the dance" - Michael Flatley (I LOVE to dance but I didn't for a long long time ...)

What's your favorite fetish?
"See the sun" - Dido (is sun a fetish? Fetish ... mmmmm... maybe hands)

It isn't as bad as I expected, LOL.

Good night, good afternoon, good evening, good-whatever-time-it-is
to all of you! 

Actually I'm listening to "I'll find my way home" by Jon & Vangelis (it isn't that difficult, I can still see my bed across the floor *giggles*) and I'm feeling more crazy than the last days. Maybe I read too much fanfiction? No, this can't be, NEVER. 

See you later, loveys!

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