julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

No poem today :-)

Good morning, 
good afternoon, 
good whatever-time-it is, friends. 

I woke up this morning because I laughed that hard. Funny start I can tell you. 
In my dreams I had a lovely little conversation with someone I can't remember, I only remember blue eyes (ocean blue or was it azur???).
I had to choose 5 of my favorite words and the voices in my head to them :-) 

That was easy 

1) Oh Sam - by Frodo (can you hear him whispering ...)
2) strawberry - by Sam (what a lovely word, sometimes I sounds very seductive)
3) exactly - by Elijah (I'm sure you can hear him)
4) indeed - by Aragorn (I love this little word)
5) don't tempt me - by Gandalf (I for my part would leave "don't" - *giggles*)

I feel a bit crazy today, so I'll go to my garden. But even a bumblebee I saw few minutes before makes me giggle.
She's like me  - humming, not the tallest, with little feet :-) 

Have a nice day full of sunshine and pretty words,

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