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What a wonderful Monday! One of the best Monday mornings I ever had.

I woke up at 4 a.m. and I was not at all tired, so I did my laundry (YAY, I FINISHED it).

Then I went to my garden, collecting SNAILS (the main problem after a rainy night) –


After this I had a long hot shower and  then … yes … I opened the door to my friends little smials.

I can tell you – it’s always a great pleasure to visit you. You are giving so much of your heart, soul and love. Sometimes I don’t dare to breath, because I love the silence and the joy here soooo much.

Reading wonderful drabbles, ficlets, looking at the most beautiful photos, manips … how could I ever wish for more.


For those who go to bed – sleep sweet

For those you are still sleeping – have the nicest of dreams

For those you just woke up – GOOD MORNING!


For all of you – have a wonderful day.


As always, I can’t resist … here’s a little poem for my wonderful flist


Your Eyes....


Your eyes are silently calling me,
Into their sparkling depths of blue,
Mesmerizing and calm,
My love grows stronger each minute for you.

By day and night your eyes shine bright,
Drawing me near,
I sail down your warm current of love,
Knowing I have nothing to fear.

At night I watch you sleep,
Jealous of the dreams you keep,
I wait for morning to look into your eyes,
And savour the love we feel deep inside.

Ayaan Malik )





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