julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Good morning!


What a morning! The sun is shining, birds are chirping. It’s a wonderful day.

Sitting at the window, looking outside I’ve made a decision.

Time. There was so less time for things I love the past weeks. What should I say?

It’s simply my fault.


How long have I been at the office? 10 – 14 hours.

Cut. 8 – 10 hours are more than enough. 4 hours too much, hey, that’s MY time.

Gardening? 1 Hour, why so less? I LOVE gardening I LOVE to be outside.

2 hours will do it, I can get my cup of coffee in the garden as well. I don’t have to go inside.

Preparing dinner, housework? 4 hours.

Cut. 2 hours should do it. I won’t put my food onto the floor, why to mop it daily? Every second day will be enough. Time I got back: 2 hours.


Watching TV – I even don’t watch the program properly. Movies I’d like to watch – I got it on DVD. For rainy days.


Why didn’t I think about it earlier? Because I was too busy?


So you see – it’s up to ourselves how we organize our time. Maybe it won’t work every day, but I’m sure I will work some days. That’s a beginning.


There is time for us to live, to think and to dream.

Time can be an enemy, but time can also be your friend. 
Time can't be bottled or packed in a bag, but we can manage it wisely. We just should give it a try.
So make it count this thing called time, before it's all used up.

Enjoy your day, enjoy your time, friends! 

Love and hugs,


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