julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

A simple flower

Today is a wonderful day - no work, sunshine ... time for gardening ... time for waiting for Samwise :-) 

Enjoy your day, sweethearts - enjoy it a lot! 

How I used to make, when as a child so young,
a daisy chain, by hands that were so neat,
and around my neck, it was so very carefully hung, 
those blooms with sunny centres, so petite. 

The pleasure was to me so charming and so fine, 
and wandering through them was a joyful treat, 
a sea of white, so startling, so refreshing, so devine ... 
like a feast of new laid snowflakes, beneath my feet.

They may have been known only as just a simple flower, 
and yet they shone with lumious resolve, 
they carried neither, height, nor strenght nor a mighty power, 
and yet over thousands of years, they did evolve. 

Such a carpet of pretty heads, that in them, I carefully knelt, 
their faces beaming up, caused me to gaze, 
upon their display of perfection, such emotion then I felt, 
that I'll love every Bellis Perennis, all my days. 

Indeed, it's absolutely gorgeous to walk through a garden with thousands of daisies... 


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