julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

What an Easter! I finally had TIME for myself and saved tons of entries the past days. What a treat. 
Is it like it is - sometimes real life takes over. It isn't that I don't like what I'm doing, no, not at all. But sometimes I would like to get a little time for myself. For my needs, my thoughts, my dreams and for my friends here.
But I still have my dreams, that makes me glad, that makes me smile. 
People like you taught me to dream on. 

Where's the best place for dreams? For me - it's still THE SHIRE. 
I love to be there, means to be here at my personal Shire. With my friends around. 
The world YOU are creating is pure magic. ALL of you, sometimes it's a little ficlet, sometimes it's a long story, sometimes it's a photo, a drawing, or just a little thank you.

When I close my eyes there is The Shire spread before my eyes in all of its glory, the glint from the Bywater as well as the round green door at Bag End. The thin wisps of chimney smoke is to see as well as the flowers, the trees, the little gardens, the Row. 

So I will stop and take a deep breath - can you feel and smell it? The fragrance is overwhelming.
Can you hear the voices, the laughter in the distance? This makes me smile again. 
Hobbits. I love those hobbits. But you know this already (why can't I stop smiling?)

I will love this all beyond remarking of the world.
I will always be bound to the most wonderful place ever with the most wonderful friends one can ever wish for. 

Today I cleaned my roof, sat there for a long long time, just listening to your words. 
So you see, you are always by my side -
It's a great feeling I can tell you,  it makes me feel ... home. 

Have a wonderful Monday full of dreams, heartbeats and love



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