julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Reading ...

Finally I got MORE time for reading ... 
I got more time for being here, for my friends !

I love what I found the past days, I really do ... 

There must be a quote, just a second, ah... found it: 

"Like dreaming, reading performs the prodigious task of carrying us off to other worlds.
But reading is not dreaming because books , unlike dreams, are subject to our will: 
they envelop us in alternative realities only because we give them explicit permission to do so.
Books  are the dreams we would most like to have, and, like dreams, they have the power
to change consciousness, turning sadness to laughter and anxious introspection to the relaxed 
contemplation of some other time and place." 

I think we could replace "book" by stories and fan fictions ... 
I didn't buy a novel for months because there's no need for it ... great authors can be found right HERE! 

Lots of love, hugs and the sweetest of dreams



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