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I think the true gardner is a lover of his flowers, not a critic of them.
I think the true gardner is the reverent servant of Nature, not her truculent, wife-beating master.
I think the true gardner, the older he grows, should more and more develop a humble, grateful and uncertain spirit.
(Reginald Farrer - Ini a Yorkshire Garden, 1909)

Today it was the first day I spent all afternoon in my little garden. 
I'm so grateful. For every day, for everything. 
Nature - everything in nature seems lyrical, don't you think so?
Nature speaks, Nature's peace will flow into us. We just have to let it happen. 
I took some soil into my hands, it felt great. 
Some people would say, it's cold, wet and dirty
I say - it doesn't feel warm yet, it will dry soon, it feels like flowers will come to bloom very soon. 
It could be the same soil like in The Shire! The same color, the same smell. 
Mother Nature is awakening, most of the time we are not patient enough, quiet enough to pay attention to this little wonder. 

Now it's Froday night, millions  of tiny blinking eyes above me ...
They are silently calling us, so let's go for a little stargazing - you can be sure I'll take you with me.
Where you'll find me - you know it already. Yes, upon my roof, beneath the stars, close to you. 

What a Froday!

Hopefully you'll have the most magical day !
Hope to see you soon! 

*opens window to climb upon the roof top*

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