julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,


Sometimes it seems there's no time for anything and you just have to hurry! 
Stop! If only for a little moment, lean back and relax. 

Find time to think - it is the well of power
Find time for prayer - it is word's most virtuous potential
Find time to laugh - it is music for the soul 
Find time for play - it is the mystic of youth
Find time for love - it is Heaven's gift
Find time for benevolence - it is the absolute happiness
Find time to read - it is the well of knowledge
Find time to befriend - it is the path of joy
Find time to work - it is the promise of the future
Find time for goodwill  - it is the key to Heaven

I wish you all a lot of time for the beauty called life. 

Hugs you all

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