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Reading ... thinking ... dreaming...

Weekend is here and finally I found some time to read.
A few weeks ago I got a book about the wonderful poet Robert Frost, I started with it last night. 

It got me from the first side and I couldn't stop for hours. 

It is said:

The ordinary man lives by the creative spirit. He thinks in images and dreams in fantasy; he lives py poetry.
Yet he seems to distrust it. He clings to the notion that a poet is a queer and incompetent creature, a day-dreaming never-do-well, an eccentric trying to escape the business for the everyday world, a soft and coddled soul. 

Almost the opposite is true. 
I think Robert Frost isn't lost in dreams - for my part he suggests us to dream, and it isn't that bad I can tell you. :-)

This is one of my favorite poems by Robert Frost:


I had for my winter evening walk -
no one at all with whom to talk,
but I had the cottages in a row
up to their shining eyes in snow. 

And I thought I had the folk within:
I had the sound of a violin;
I had a glimpse through curtain laces
of youthful forms and youthful faces.

I had such company outward bound
I went till there were no cottages found
I turned and repented, but coming back
I saw no window but that was black. 

Over the snow my creaking feet
disturbed the slumbering village street
Like profanation, by our leave,
at ten o'clock of a winter eve.

Maybe I should go for a little walk, yes... I will do it. 
Have a wonderful Sunday friends, enjoy this wonderful time!



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