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Good evening friends!

Isn't it curious? Some people told me (seriously) they HATE November. I can't understand this. 
Ok - it isn't the loveliest month of the year, most of the time it is grey, rainy, cold. People say it's boring and depressing.
For me it's the best time for simple things. 

Reading -  I'm a part of everything I've ever read. There is so much to read here, words can fly like birds.

Writing -  Why not start to write Christmas cards? It's so funny to choose a special quote for a special friend, this takes quite a time. Tt's so much fun - I love this kind of "work". 

Singing - Ok - delete this. I'm glad you can't hear me. 

Dancing -  Ok - delete this as well (the imagination of an dancing elephant like a ballerina isn't everyone's taste)  :-)

Dreaming - the best of all. No rules, no force, you have all the time you want. 

- the beauty of nature ... there's so much to see. Dancing leafes, big rainclouds, birds ... the loveliest scene of all is really there.

They say they miss light, it's always dark. 
Candles. Candles can shine very bright, they are like tiny little stars ... 

I like November. Very much indeed. 

Enjoy your time dearies, there's so much to do, so much to see, so much to think about .
That makes me glad!



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