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It seems lots of friends don't feel very well at this time.
Don't worry sweethearts, there will always be better times. 
It's the beauty of life which touches us daily, just let it happen. 

What's the best on a cold and grey November day? Coming home, the rooms are nice and warm, hot chocolate and a hot water bottle are soooo wonderful. 
Work was too much ? Sit down in your favourite chair, put your feet up and relax. 
How to relax? Read something beautiful, dance into your dreams and don't forget to try to smile (if only a little - I know... it's not always that easy)
You want to cry? Just cry, tears are the outlet for our soul. And you know - not all tears are an evil. 
You need a hug? You're always welcome.

A loving embrace 

A loving embrace is not only physical 
it can be as simple as someone reaches out
an understanding soul 
appreciative of your beauty within
maybe not a romantic love
but friendship and relating to each other begins

(Trisha Evensen) 

Lots of hugs to all of you 

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