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It's a birthday !!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY slipperieslope !!! A Calendar of Sonnets: October The month of carnival of all the year, When Nature lets the wild earth go its way, And spend whole seasons on a single day. The spring-time holds her white and purple dear; October, lavish, flaunts them far and near; The summer charily her reds doth lay Like jewels on her costliest array; October, scornful, burns them on a bier. The winter hoards his pearls of frost in sign Of kingdom: whiter pearls than winter knew, Oar empress wore, in Egypt's ancient line, October, feasting 'neath her dome of blue, Drinks at a single draught, slow filtered through Sunshiny air, as in a tingling wine! Helen Hunt Jackson Have a wonderful and very special day, may all your dreams come true! I wish you all the very best, love, health, happiness and lots of hobbit hugs!  Love and Kisses Julchen

  • it's much too cold

    Tonight we had -22°C, I'm so glad there are 12 living hot water bottles with me :-)) Have a wonderful week, my friends !

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