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Happy Birthday my dear keye !!!


My eyes follow the brilliant words written
Each letter gracefully composing a masterpiece
The beauty of the flow, reminds me of a gentle stream on a mid summer’s day
Spell bound as if I am in a dream
Captivated by the thoughts you leave in my mind
Finding that you have touched my soul
Words used as finger tips
To console my void
Refreshing the inner being
Freeing the torment that laid within
Lightening the load that was placed upon my heart
A friend of words
Who has touched a stranger
Making life a bearable for one more day
For this I commend you
Allowing your writing to seize a heart

Thank you for being a wonderful friend.
Keep your spirit, stay as you are and have a gorgeous day. 
I wish you all the very best

Hugs you very tight - hobbitlike


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