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Journey part 4/2

Why doesn't the cut work???

Here's the rest of my little report ... 

4.00 p.m.

It’s still teatime, where to go? Sayhello to sayhello! Thank you sweetheart for your lovely reports and gorgeous pictures of Alaska. It must have been a marvellous trip. *sigh* 

Being at her home feels very comfortable. Could you imagine ... she loves hobbits as much as I do. Why doesn't that surprise me (as with Legolas to speak...) *giggles*

She gave us “Mr. Frodo I have a headache”. What a wonderful story. 

My favourite line 
"this was a perspective of Frodo's bedroom that he'd never had before. Not that he hadn't thought about it form time to time ... all right, more often than time to time... but he wad always sxpected the result of that perspective to be an ache of another sort altogether." 

Your fuzzing and babbling Frodo is absolutely great sweetie! 
flist - you can find her story here: http://sayhello.livejournal.com/t452062

Hewene - this is  a little gift for you:

I feel your arms around me,
My back leans now upon you,
Your breathing makes my body sway,
Your laughter rings right through me,
You say some words I do not hear,
So deeply I am thinking,
Of how lucky I must be,
To have you as my own,
And just to show I have you,
To let you know I care,
I turn around and kiss you,
Yes, how lucky I surely am.

Holly Heron )

Your tea was delicious darling but lots of work is waiting *sigh* and I got to go. I was a great pleasure to be your guest! You can be sure - I'll come back soon. 

Bye little one - take good care! 

Bye flist, you'll see me now and then. 


**runs back - forgot to hug flist**
**hugs flist very tight***


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