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Thinking aloud

Give me a writer,
And when Time's cold, fingering grasp
Finally finishes its work,
I'll have lands to visit and people to meet,
Even if in my head.

Give me a poet,
And when ages have passed in long,
Sorrowful nights,
I'll have songs to sing and hymns to hum,
Even though body is dead.

Give me a philosopher,
And when days slowly fade
Into endless bereavement,
I'll have wisdom to love and truth to seek out,
(That is, if wisdom and love exist) .

But give me a dreamer,
And Time is never cruel. Nor is it
Tiresome or hating.
I'll have everything to hope for, always to believe,
Because dreams never die. 


Have a wonderful day with love, joy and friends! With you all the very best, stay as you are and keep on dreaming!

Thank you for brightening my days and my nights and for being a wonderful friend !

Love and kisses

*hugs you very tight*


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