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It's a birthday

Myriads of Stars.



There are myriads of stars in the night sky,

The month of July is drawing nigh.

A new moon peeps timidly but bright,

To help lighten this beautiful night.

A shooting star drops elegantly into my view,

I make a wish I just know it will come true.

Insects making music in the nightly background,

Have you ever heard such a melodious sound?

A fresh warm breeze blows from afar,

In the distance the low hum of a car,

This is truly nature at it's best,

The busy day long gone to rest.

A nightingale sings a song of the night,

Much to my pleasure and great delight.

There are myriads of stars in the night skies,

Only sweet nature understands my surprise.

Bernard Shaw



HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoesparks !

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful next year with love, joy and happiness!
Thank you for being such a wonderful friend 

Love and kisses


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