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Good morning folks!!!

First of all I want to say thank you to all of you. 
You gave me so much the last days (you always do) and now i'm back to life. It's all your fault, LOL
Life is too short and too beautiful to suffer any longer. So I said to myself HEAD UP ... come on. The world is waiting! 
Last night I was strolling with a wonderful friend through Hobbiton, it was very nice. All so green and beautiful. 
I had wonderful conversations with friends, very lovely .
My start into the new day couldn't have been better. 
The sun is shining, birds are singing, music is playing, friends are around with wonderful posts and I'm doing very well. 
Sometimes I talk too much, sometimes I don't ...because I can't find the right words ... like now

It seems I missed so much , I will do some overtime this night. No sleep, this would be wasted time. I'm a nightowl anyway. 

I still packed my knapsack, prepared my cart, fet the pony and now - there are only 12 hours left and then - here we go. Next part of my journey through the night. I'll see you all , you'll see me anyway. 

Have a wonderful day dear friends, now I'm off for work. 

It seems the world will be too small for me today! 

Hugs you all (you should see my smile now, no ... better you don't, LOL)


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