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It's a birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY mews1945 !!!


How wonderful life could be, if there was friendship and love for you and me.
Kind words, trust in one another and honesty, all the above would be fine with me.

To watch the sun-rise in the morning, and the sun-set in the evening.
Saying hi to Mr. Moon at night and loving the beauty of all the stars.
Looking at the heavens with fond thoughts and memories.
Of loved ones and friends who reside there.

Time is so precious, and life so short, lets not waste a moment,
for we can not recall one minute at all.
So from this moment forward, let there be love, faith in each other,
Hope and peace as we have known before, and will not fuss anymore.
Let's count our blessings!.

Ingeborg Seymour

Have a wonderful day Julia! I wish you all the very best for the next year, love, health, joy and happiness. Stay as you are, don't you ever change. 

Big big birthday hugs for you!



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