julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

For my dear friend melyanna65

and all friends of my flist

Guardian Angel


Be with me, in my moments of despair,
Somehow let me know, there's someone there,
Remain by my side, when I walk alone,
Walk with me to places, I've never known,
If in life, I'm tempted to stray,
Take my hand, and show me the way,
Counsel me, when I have need,
With the Lord, please intercede,
When evil thoughts, enter my mind,
Guide my path, so salvation I'll find,
Show me how to remain in God's light,
Give me strength to always do right,
When at night, I go to sleep,
Help me tomorrow, God's commandments to keep,
By your intervention, help dispel evil thoughts away,
So that I may continue to lead life in God's way,
Remind me to pray when there appears to be no reason,
Because talking to God, is always in season,
Watch over me though all life's trials,
Remain by my side, as I walk life's miles.

Louis Graziaplena

*hugs you tight*


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