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my journey, part 1

just a short report

more behind the cut

I'm actually sitting on my roof with my wonderful friends random_fandom and melyanna_65 - it's soooo wonderful

Take good care, all of you

big big hugs

Some of you know I started a journey a couple of weeks ago. I’m on my way through the archives of my flist. It’s stunning - day after day after day. You can be sure, I’ll visit all of you.


I know exactly it was Monday I rent a cart and a pony. Do you remember Gandalf’s cart? Yes? Mine looks similar but is much bigger. Of course, a woman travelling means lots of luggage – people say so, unbelievable.


I put in my cart many empty boxes – you should know I’m a collector, I’m collecting things … useful or not, sometimes I just can’t resist. My word book, my diary.

Then I put in tons of chocolates, you don’t know who you’ll meet at the bus stop *smiles*

Sketchbooks, pencils, photos, waterbottles, blankets, pillows, sugar and hay (for my pony) and this and that . Little things. But you will see.


So here we go, after a few miles there was the first marker … left or right ? I wished Gandalf would have been here. I decided to go left, it  couldn’t be wrong (didn’t Frodo choose left?).


Then I found a road sign to *a hobbit hole of my own*  - ok, I followed the sign, came to a little house. The name on the sign was Shoesparks. Ah, there she lives.

Knock, knock … after a little while all I could hear were tiny little foot steps … and the door opened. We said hello the way good old friends do(I was very thrilled)  , and that we are, good old friends. We talked about this and that, mostly about …. Hobbits. I enjoyed it very much.

She gave me something to read for my way … the letter for Sam was quite beautiful, I put it in the first box.

My little gift for her were some chocolates (I knew she loved it).

After  a very heartily good-bye and a promise to come back I continued my little journey.   


The landscape here at LJ land is beautiful, it looks like the Shire and I love to stroll around.

There was the next road marker *adrift in dreams* . This sounded lovely and I came to the home of angharad001. There is was a silver edge of meaning in a grey shade

I can tell you, she’s so very kind and a wonderful person. I found hundrets of drabbles, dribbles and little ficlets. She handed me some of them, so you see the boxes ARE very useful. And I tell you what – she loves Sam and Frodo, too. It’s wonderful to go with her through her archive. I think a sketchbook would be a perfect gift.


After bidding her farewell I was looking for a roof where I could dream …

You see … this happened the first night of  my wonderful journey.


I’ll get some rest for me and my pony. See you soon dear friends …

Good night, sleep sweet and nice hobbit dreams!



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