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A present

Sam walks up the Row to Bag End. It’s early morning and the sun is shining.
He opens the garden gate and approaches the round green door, a basket in
his arms.
He blinks several times until his eyes adjust to the light in the smial and
tip-toes to the kitchen, setting the basket on the table.

Suddenly he hears barefoot steps from behind.

“Good morning Sam,” Frodo says as he enters the kitchen.

“Good morning Mr. Frodo,” Sam says after turning to face his master of his

Frodo frowns, peeking at the basket. The he asks, “What is this Sam?”

“It’s for you Mr. Frodo,” Sam says with the biggest smile.

Frodo looks up from the the hidden contents, then softly says, “But Sam, I
should have a present for you….” There’s a glimmer in his eyes and he
whispers, “May I open it?”

Sam smiles, then says, “Of course,  Sir”

“Sam? There’s something inside MOVING!!!” Frodo says excitedly and his hands
begin to shake.

This made Sam smile sheepishly. He says, “Go on Mr. Frodo.”

Frodo hesitates a bit, then he smiles, glancing at Sam before he says, “Sam,
tell me it isn’t true…”

He takes his present carefully in his hands and says,  “Sam! Look! It’s a
black-footed ferret!”

This makes Sam laughing out loud, then says, “I know Sir! It’s a girl Mr.

Frodo looks at the tiny little animal and whispers again, “What’s her name

“She still has no name Sir,” Sam says, his eyes lifting to gaze at his
master. The warmth in Frodo’s eyes makes Sam's stomach twist.

“She’s a beauty Sam! Let’s call her Belle! Belle Ferret!” Frodo says.
Enclosed in a sudden close embrace, Frodo gave a small sigh.

“Thank you Sam!”

“Happy Birthday Mr. Frodo!”



Have a wonderful day and a beautiful next year with love, joy and happiness! 
May all your dreams come true ! 

Wish you all the very best, I'm glad you are my friend

Love and kisses

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