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Good morning everybody!

No snow tonight so there's much time for me and my favourite activity: just doing  n o t h i n g !
Laundy - done!
Flat - cleaned up!
cats - filled up, sleeping!
Hubby - at work!
Julchen - ready for the last day in 2014!

First thing I did this morning:
put on mp3-player, listening to Hozier (can't get enough of this song poet at the moment)
Second thing: switching on my computer. I'm always thrilled seeing and knowing my friends around.
Be sure - I've missed you more than you will ever know.

What to do next ?
I have to look for some new icons. Mine are very old and a little bit covered with dust although I love them all.
Going quickly to the supermarket, forgot the litter (for cats), goodies (for cats and hubby) and cheese (for me).

So I'll be away for about 1 hour and then - I'll be back. I'm looking forward strolling through your journals.
See you later, friends!
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