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a little fellow

It was December 10th and it was a day full of snowstorms, cold and darkness.
Wolfgang and I had to go to a customer of his boss to deliver cake, bread and cookies.
So we drove about 1 1/2 hour when we arrived at a big farm with huge stables and big snow mountains.
We delivered the goods to the people who were very grateful and they showed us their animals,
cows, geese, hens and more than 30 cats!
So far so good.

Just before we had to leave the biggest barn I took a look sideward because I thought to hear a little noise.
And there it was - a tiny grey fur bundle, trembling and silently hissing. The eyes were stuck shut, the nose was running and you could see every bone of the little body.
Wolfgang and I looked at each other and I asked the farmer what he's going to do with this sick little creature.
He shook his shoulders and said - "nothing, she won't survive anyway".
So I tried to come closer to the little kitten and she really cried so loud this broke my heart. To make a long story short -
of course we had to take her with us. On our way back home Wolfgang called the veterinary  and we arrived one hour later.
She (it's a little lady) got penicillin, vitamines, combination vaccine against 5 diseases and I had to feet her 7 times the day.
Last Friday she had her last appointment at the vet and now she's alive and kicking! It was the best Christmas gift we could get.
Her favorite place is my bed (this absolutely doesn't surprise me) and Wolfgang's slipper. She loves sitting on the coffee machine, playing with my other cats (they all love her - I call it baby bonus) and at the moment she's running around with a little yellow ball, using Bibi and Isabel as trampoline.

And here she is, I took the photo this morning:
Leni, 12 weeks old and her eyes are really that turquoise (I hope this doesn't change).


all I can say is - how beautiful a day can be when love touches it.
And we love her and she ... loves us as well it seems.

Have a wonderful day, my friends.
By the way - she's number 12 now and I think there's always a little place for number 13 (it's not that I'm looking for it but you don't know...).

Love and hugs,
Tags: our christmas gift to ourselves

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