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I missed a birthday...


Happy belated birthday my dear shoesparks !! I'm so sorry I missed your special day and
I hope it was a lovely one. Can you believe it - we met here in 2005! Time flies...  Miss you lots, sweetie.

And here's a little something for you, I hope you'll like it.

Title: Charming
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: none

No beta, all mistakes are mine!

He had kissed him. “The  Zeke” had kiss him “The Geek”.

First time. Soft … though a special kind of soft. He had stepped back and searched for any sign of reluctance … or dismay … or disgust… But there was none.

Unbelievably there was nothing but … how to describe it.

When  Zeke had leant forward again he had stepped back and … Zeke had read it wrong. Absolutely wrong.

So the next days he held him at arm’s length. And he could nothing do against it.

He could kick himself … but he simply was … surprised, ok shocked would hit the mark… So it was his turn now to do something…

The memory of Zeke’s kiss… the taste of it … he had enough of Zeke avoiding him completely, leaving the room when he walked it.

So he had to initiate it … finally after school he simply got into his car, bent over and kissed the hell out of him.   

When the surprise effect finally died down Zeke kissed him … it was warm … easy and slow making him feel like walking on cloud number nine with knees wobbling   brain was made of cotton wool. It was a sweet kiss, a long kiss …

When Casey opened his eyes he had to hold his breath…  honey hazel eyes … sparkling … in excitement and nervousness …  there was something he couldn’t read… Zeke’s eyes were opening wider and his face relaxed.

He became aware of his whole body relaxing, taking him back to the present moment and he could see silky beauty  in brown, green, black …   never will he forget the loving eyes … and the  smile…a  huge, soft, touching beam touching him … physically against his lips… mentally, too.

Casey’s heart skipped a beat. Zeke smiled at HIM like he’d be everything …

and Casey feels he IS everything …

This is part of his charm …  

 this all happened in the spilicity of a smile…  

Lots of love and hugest hugs,

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