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Good morning!!!


It's almost weekend! So how are you all doing?
They say the sun will be shining for the next 3 days, YAY! Time for gardening, not only did the flowers grow ... the weeds are much bigger than the flowers.
Gardening is a must the next days and I'm sooooo looking forward to it.

And I missed a birthday!!! All the very best (better late than never) to bagma !
I hope you had a wonderful day with lots of joy and fun, sun and smiles.  Here's to wishing you all the very best!

There's a little something waiting for you behind the cut, inspired by romen'ys icon:
icon romeny

Fingers crossed that you'll like it *is nervous*
Title: Water
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG (just to get sure)

Water ….

Water and waves … He always loved summer. Spending holidays at the sea. Feeling soft warm sand beneath his bare feet. Soft little waves bathing them, soft white foam caressing his   ankles… Rays of sunshine touching his body.

Waves… perfectly glassy with a lovely early evening light.  Soft white foam swirl around the edges of boulders piled by unseen hands a hundred years before memory. The hint of salt spray casting a thin veil over sky and sea.   

Casey… slightly  sun-tanned, little dots of water pearls running down his chest.  Warm blue water crashing against his belly, sucking back to leave traces – tickling, soothing . He enjoys being here at the little hidden bay had he never ever dreamt  something like this happening.

Waves – like emotions, welling up and down – sometimes getting a little out of control. The blue-white ball they had found drifting away … coming back…

Silence – not in the common sense … When Casey touches his hand he takes a deep briny breath, holding it for a few seconds before releasing it slowly.

This was their place … from now on.

Slowly he takes another breath and lets it sigh gently out when he bends over placing a soft kiss on the boy’s neck.

Slowly they lift their gazes, brown eyes drowning in ocean blue pools… as if fading into their souls… souls as if one might see right through them both to the horizon.

Zeke blinks a couple of times and runs the tip of his tongue over wind cracked lips, but still there are no words.

How did this begin? They were walking along the beach after school as they do every day when it’s too hot … when Casey started playfully teasing him as they walked and talked… He remembers how good it felt with Casey beside him.

They found a little blue white ball, they  played around and they just had fun. When the heat turned over they
jumped into the water, fully dressed … laughed and cheered and giggled… but they got closer and closer…
He jumped a little when Casey’s arms encircled him, when he felt his breath in his ear. 
Suddenly, he knew  this was right… on all counts.
He  turned slowly around, looking into his eyes in a way he never had before.
Suddenly … Casey was his world. He was his hope for the better. He was his dreams. 
When their lips met first time he could feel the heat, the spark. 
They kissed, softly, then hungrily, their lips tugging at each other, their tongues darting in and out
with their hands running down their back and then up.
They stopped … not a moment too late or too early… 
Casey smiles at him – reminding  him of a child he once was… long years ago. Lonely years. 
Now he’s laying in the sand right beside him, watching him… He is summer. And water. And waves. 
Heart waves. And he feels happy. Excited. Peaceful. 
Casey puts his head on his belly, tangling with his feet in the water… 
This time life is good to him, to both of them. 
Listening to the sound of the sea, feeling his hair tickling his chest … this all is life joy. 
It’s like the tidings… tidal waves … the beginning of a new relationship. 
He feels overwhelmed  at how much he feels for him. 
Emotions like giant waves in the sea are rising up, he is feeling their power … through-out his waking.

The sun drifts a little farther, giving Zeke a better view of the angel’s face. Feeling his now dried feathers against his body. White wings  splayed on the chords, stroking him like he imagines they would a lover's skin.

Still there are no words … what would you say to an angel?

Lots of love and biggest hugs,

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