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Missed birthdays

Goodness, I missed so many birthdays but I'll try my very best to post a little something for you ladies - though it will take some time. Forgive me, you are not forgotten.

And here is the first one for our dear honeyandvinegar
I hope you had a wonderful birthday and life is treating you well. I'm wishing you all the very best - 
Zasey-love, happiness, fun, joy and may your writing muse never leave you (does this sound egoistic?)!

so here we go, sweetie - I hope you'll like it

Title: Wigs, Edward Cullen and strawberries
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: I think none

Hmmm… The scenerie babe:

Saturday morning, one of them just got up, hair a mess of locks. “A wig? Babe … are you … mad?”
“What’s so horrible about it? I like my locks.”

“Are you serious? It’s 8 in the morning … ok, you’re a geek in private. I accept this. But what are you DOING and why are you wearing a WIG and why are you jumping like a rubber ball?”

“It’s Stoke’s costume party and I thought it a great idea for us…” The tall guy sighs… “Hobbits?"
The answer are frenetic nodds.
"Hobbits are … short … people, hun… hobbits are … I AM definitely NOT short…”

His companion giggles,  kissing the tip of his nose “But you are sooooo cute, cute as a hobbit!” Then boy number 1 hurries out of the bedroom coming back with a huge paperbag … “tatatata  - here we go, put on your hairy feet!”
Guy number 2 sits bold upright “Feet? Latex feet? NEVER! Hobbits belong to The Professor or to the fandom ladies on this planet…”

“So what else? Though … Gandalf would be great for you…”

“Wise good old wizzard. ME. Come on...”

“Sure. I’m bewitched by you anyway…”

“No. No Gandalf. No hobbit.”

“So what? Maybe you’d like to be a... hmmm... shimmering … vampire…”

“No. Edward. Cullen …”

“But you like vampires..."

"Sure. But not this ..."

"And you are incredibly beeeautiful ..."

"So Edward Cullen looks beautiful to you? And I look like him? Clean your glasses, babe. "

"Why do you have to be a spoilsport ? You’d look great as a vampire with golden glimmer on your face… on your neck…sparkling not only in the sun!  Stokeley would flip out.“

“Glimmer isn’t… tasty… there are better possibilities…” he says and a broad grin spreads across his face when they enter the kitchen, kitchen table ready for breakfast.

With a mischievous smile Mr. No-Hobbit-Gadalf-Edward Cullen  takes the strawberry jelly, puts his fingers in and then he slowly traces pattern along a very pale swanlike neck down to the chest, down to the belly…  following this sweet little path with his tongue…

There it is that hmmm-ing thing making him feel week in the knees …

He starts whispering endearing words, softly biting into his neck "Edward Cullen, right? I'll give you a special vampire treat..."    He knows exactly how he gets his boy.

And soon the sweet smell of strawberry, summer, heat and love is lingering in the air accompanied by soft voices and quiet laughter … wigs, latex feet and even Edward Cullen are simply forgotten.

Who knew food and blood could taste good, make you feel good, and be good for you all at once? A culinary Ménage à trois.

Lots of love and huuuugest hugs,

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