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Good morning!


This computer drives me crazy! But now I hope it's all fixed and I can be here more often.
First of all - I'm doing very well, enjoying gardening (a lot of it) and summer!

so how are you, my dears. I can't tell you how much I miss you.

This morning the birds are chirping that loud, cats are hauting flies - best time to write a little ficlet for summer.
Hey, aliensouldream - I took a peek at your journal, you wanted an ice-cream ficlet...

So here we go ...

All I have to say is, I LOOOOVE ice cream!

Summer. He loves summer. It’s a very active and fun filled season - summer with the weather warming up very fast to almost unbearable heat. Sunbeams,  summer wind, laughing children, enjoying the way  the grass tickles his toes .


There are few things in the world that he liked better than this.

Only few. Casey. Ice cream. Casey and ice cream – nice combination …


He likes watching him  -  licking his lips. His lips. Shining … like he’s put on sweet girlish lip gloss.  Raising his eyebrows, looking at him questioningly. He really doesn’t know how HOT he is, does he? Long eyelashes fluttering, his lips slightly open as he licks … and hums in pleasure… as if…


His head is tilted back, leaving his throat exposed… goodness…

He licks this cone up and down, side to side, making little swirls with his tongue.

“Fantastic ice cream. Hands dow!” he says closing his eyes in pure bliss.


“What kind of taste?” I want to know.

“Vanilla, sweet sweet vanilla and cherry… mmmmmm….”

With this mmm-ing thing he gets me, every time.


There it is again, his deep red coloured tongue torturing the ice, licking around and around.

Suddenly he looks up and into my eyes, then frowns… “what’s wrong?”

I don’t know what to say… while some melted cream is running down the corner of his mouth… white… creamy… tasty… Swallowing becomes harder.


“Come over here and taste it…” he giggles, waving the ice cone at me.

As hard as I try to resist watching …I’m drawn into the movements of Casey’s lips and tongue … trying to catch everything of the melting ice…  And now …god, what is he doing now …

I’ve to hold my breath …he’s taking the whole thing into his mouth, wrapping and rolling his tongue around the sides… slurping… giggling… smiling…

Why can’t I keep my eyes off him… why… my mind has other things to do than thinking logical creating … images … vivid inviting images without my permission… imagining his lips around … my … (NO!)

doing ‘things’ to me (DOUBLE NO!!!)  

He’s so in the moment with this fucking ice-cream!


He doesn’t know he’s seducing me with the virtuosity of his tongue, like he was performing the entire Kama Sutra with just ice cream cone…


 He laughs, low, soft sounding like the purr of a cat… and he bends over just to kiss me…

BOOM! Mmmm… sticky… sweet… the kiss is soft-hard-short-long … BOOM!

Trains collide. In my head.


He breaks the kiss.  I feel that I’m blushing.  He giggles this incredible giggle… that brings me back to reality.

The ice cream has melted completely, his hands are sticky…   this has to stop…


“We should go now, Case…” He looks disappointed ? surprised? Shocked? None of it



“Can we do this again… sometime, Zeke?”


This makes me smile… “Which part?” I ask casually, … too casually.

And Casey … just smiles and gets in the car… opening the first button of his shirt…

“Which part did you like most…” he says, a half-smile spreading across his face…

Reaching over to run a hand down the length of his jaw, his neck, his eyes closing…




Have a nice day, ladies!
Love and hugs,

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